Forestry - Essex

Starting business in 1991 and becoming specialised in forestry contracting, we have since built up a reputation for reliability and getting jobs done in an organised and well presented way.

  • Working in plantation, ancient semi-natural and continuous cover woodland, we buy standing wood (thinnings, final fellings and hardwood coppice),
  • Fell and extract timber on a contract basis for other timber buyers, contractors or woodland owners,
  • Carry out associated works such as drainage, excavator groundworks (timber loading bays, access tracks, hardstandings, ponds etc.)
  • Management plans can be drawn up on Forestry Commission templates, including deer plan, and felling licences and woodland grant scheme applications need to be planned for ahead of time; we can do this early stage for you.

Felling trees and extracting the timber to roadside or log yard is one of our primary occupations.

  felling timber forwarding and extracting oak log trunks

Log handling using timber grapples on wheeled and tracked base machines plus winching and skidding on slopes or difficult to access sites.

    log handling with excavator winching and skidding on slopes

Work is carried out in a low impact way with the aim of getting good regeneration.  For example, when ground is wet logs are stacked in racks using tracked log loader, and forwarded out when ground is firm. The use of brash as mats to operate machines on also helps reduce ground compaction.

   racking with excavator  forwarding with brush mats

You can see in these photos the logs have been removed with minimal disturbance to the remaining trees, ground flora or regeneration.

  manage woodland and flora regeneration woodland and flora regeneration

Providing forestry contractor and services in Essex and Suffolk